Lens coatings can improve the appearance and performance of your spectacle lenses. If you are thinking about purchasing new spectacles here are lens coatings and treatments you should consider.

Crizal Forte UV

Spectacles - Coatings

At Ryatt Optometry we also provide top of the range Crizal Forte UV lenses. Crizal Forte UV is the first clear lens on the market to maximise your eyes protection against dangerous UV aggressions from the front and back surface of the lens, while ensuring the best enduring clarity of vision.

Crizal Forte UV protects the eyes from UV rays reflected off the back surface of the lens and also protects against glare, scratches, smudges, dust and water.

Two Year Consumer Guarantee Against Scratching and Manufacturing Defects

Essilor is the first manufacturer in the UK to offer a guarantee against scratches on Anti Reflection coated lenses. Crizal Forte UV lenses come with a special two year guarantee which covers scratching and manufacturing defects.

Crizal Alizé+

With the addition of a premium dust repellent, Crizal Alize has been upgraded to Crizal Alize+

Comfort seekers will adore the simple quality of this all-round high performance lens. Unique i-technology™ provides a new premium level of dust repellence - matched only by its big brother, Crizal Forte.

Superb all-round performance.

Optifog with Crizal UV

Optifog with Crizal UV is the most advanced and durable no-glare anti-fogging lens on the market with everyday UV protection. All spectacle wearers have at some point encountered what we commonly refer to as our ‘glasses steaming up’, or fogging. It doesn’t matter where we are, our glasses steam up or fog when we move from a cold to a hot environment.

For many, this can be problematic as well as being unsightly. It’s also a major inconvenience as we rely on instant vision at all times. Optifog lenses deliver unique lens technology that gives long lasting fog free vision to all patients.

Ryatt Optometry is a Varilux Specialist Practice. Our varifocal lenses are supplied by Essilor.