Eye Examination

Modern eye exams involve more than check how well you can see. When you book your eye test you’ll benefit from a number of essential checks, specifically designed to keep your eyesight and general health in the best possible condition. At Ryatt Optometry we’ll test your vision and check your eyes for diseases like glaucoma or cataracts, as well as other general health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure.If your vision requires correcting, your optometrist will advise you of your prescription options such as glasses or contact lenses.


If this is your first visit

You can be reassured that there is nothing to fear. An eye examination is completely painless and will take around 45 mins. You are welcome to ask as many questions as you like, and everything will be explained to you, avoiding jargon where possible.

Once your test has been completed, should you need a prescription for glasses, our qualified dispensing staff will assist you in finding the perfect frames and lenses to suit your lifestyle and the shape of your face.

Your eye examination will include:

  • A full visual check including peripheral vision
  • Ocular health check
  • Eye pressure check
  • Retina check including photographing the back of your eye

After your eye test, if you do need new glasses we stock the most up-to-date brands that you know and love. We will help you choose the right spectacles that not only look good, but also feel great.