Photochromic Lenses
Spectacles - Photochromic

There are many flexible frames on the market but accidents do happen and spectacles can break or lenses can crack. In some cases all is required is a slight adjustment to straighten a bent frame or a simple screw replacement.

We will be more than happy to look at your broken spectacles and fix them while you wait or advise you accordingly if they have to be sent away for repair.

Transitions Signature

Transitions Signature lenses are more reactive to indirect sunlight so that wearers are even more protected from glare.

Transitions Signature lenses provide the ideal combination of darkness, fast fade back speed and indoor clarity.

Transitions XTRActive

Transitions Xtractive lenses are new everyday adaptive lenses, that go extra dark outdoors. They go extra dark in sunny conditions and also darken inside the car, to offer superior visual comfort.

As all Transitions lenses, Transitions Xtractive protect your eyes, blocking 100% UV rays, 100% of the time.

XTRA choice for XTRA customers

Transitions XTRActive lenses are ideal for dynamic, active, and modern customers who tend to have professional or leisure activities outdoors and spend time driving.

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