Children's eye examination
Spectacles - Children

We are experienced in testing and caring for the health of your child’s eyes. Even at a very early age children can be tested for any visual impairment or eye problems that may affect their future development. Whether your child has symptoms of visual stress or a lazy eye, or possibly an unnoticeable eye disease, the earlier your child’s eye can be checked, the more likely there is a chance of correction or cure.

Free regular eye tests are available through the NHS so if you have children under 16 (or under 18 who are still in full time education) then please feel free to contact us today and request a personal eye health check for your child.

Childrens eye examination

Spectacles - Children Eye Examinations

Our Optometrist is experienced in caring and communicating with children of all ages and a typical eye test is pain free and will last from as little as a few minutes to half an hour.

Parents can be present during their children’s eye tests and we welcome any questions or concerns you may have relating to your child’s eye health and the procedure of the eye test itself. The team and the optometrist will provide you with jargon free advise and recommendation should your child require prescription glasses or visual aids to help correct your child’s vision.

Childrens glasses

We offer a superb selection of children’s spectacles in all sizes and to fit all ages. We stock highly fashionable designer frames for both girls and boys prescription lenses. Visit our practice to choose from a variety of choices from flexible frames to hard wearing.

Children registered at Ryatt Optometry through the NHS can be issued with an optical voucher after an eye test which will help contribute to the cost of a new pair of selected glasses.

Looking after your childrens eye health

NHS eye tests are FREE at Ryatt Optometry. It is important for your children to have their eyes checked at an early age to help a professional optometrist detect any possible visual impairment or eye problems.

Lazy eyes

Lazy eye (Amblyopia) means that the child can see less clearly in one eye than the other, On average one in fifty children suffer with a lazy eye and if treated early enough the more chance treatment will be successful. Unfortunately young children are unable to tell if there is any problems with their vision and the only way a parent may be able to detect a problem, is if their child has an obvious squint or struggles when catching an object.

We recommend contacting us for advise or booking a children’s eye test as soon as possible. Treatment is recommended early as the chances of success after the age of 8 is generally unsuccessful.

For appointments, please call 01509 503344

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