Prescription Lenses
Choosing the right lenses for your frames can be overwhelming. We believe in taking an individual approach whatever your lifestyle. Whether you wear glasses all day or for specific activities such as driving, reading, watching TV or using a computer, we can recommend the best lens choice to meet your needs.

With improved technology you will find that lenses are now much thinner, flatter and optically superior. At Ryatt Optometry we only sell the best branded lenses from Essilor and Zeiss.

Spectacles - BiFocal

Single vision lenses provide the same vision correction over the entire lens. They correct a single, particular vision such as distance if you’re short sighted (myopia) or close up if you’re long sighted (hyperopia).

Bifocal lenses have two separate vision zones, separated by a line,that correct both near and distant vision. The top segment of the lens provides correction for distance vision whilst the bottom segment provides correction for close up.

Varifocal lenses (progressives) offer clear vision at all distances with the added benefit of not having any visible lines on the lens. The lenses have distance vision when looking straight ahead, near vision at the lower part of the lens and all distances in between, which enables the wearer to switch between reading a book and watching television without switching glasses.

Ryatt Optometry is a Varilux Specialist Practice. Our varifocal lenses are supplied by Essilor.

Spectacles - Transitions

Transition lenses have a variable tint that automatically adjusts to the sensitivity of light. The lens gives clear vision indoors and will darken in sunlight providing you with perfect vision in all conditions.

Polarized lenses. Whilst conventional sunglasses reduce brightness, only eliminate glare, which in turn reduces eyestrain, squinting and temporary blindness. Polarized lenses can help you see clearly in even the most challenging conditions. Ideal for all uses, including driving, snow sport, water sport and even fishing.

New Hi-index lenses material means that your lenses can be made thinner, lighter and better looking. This is especially good news if you have a high power prescription. No longer will you need to wear thick unsightly lenses or have your choice of frames restricted.

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